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The former displays in the Wondrous Place gallery have now closed. The exhibition Double Fantasy - John and Yoko is now in the Wondrous Place gallery.

boxer training with a punch bag in a gym

© Pete Carr

The working class neighbourhoods of Merseyside have been a fertile breeding ground for boxers since the early 20th century. Liverpool is widely acknowledged as the capital of the British amateur scene.

A large network of clubs, from Kirkby to Birkenhead, Dingle to Bootle, has provided generations of boys and young men with the opportunity to learn the boxer's art.
Mersey fighters have achieved great success at amateur level, winning medals at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

This exhibition documents local boxing stadia - from the early 'graveyard of champions', to modern venues -as well as the key personalities who have fought in them, such as the charismatic John Conteh.

"Boxing is not an easy route out of the ghetto - it requires dedication, determination and years of hard work"
John Conteh, former World Champion, 2008

museum display with pictures of boxers

© Mark McNulty