Chris Boardman

Double Fantasy - John and Yoko exhibition

The former displays in the Wondrous Place gallery have now closed. The exhibition Double Fantasy - John and Yoko is now in the Wondrous Place gallery.

Please note that the objects shown in this video are not currently on display.  Read a transcript of this video

In his Tour de France debut in 1994, local cycling hero Chris Boardman set a record speed in the prologue time trial and wore the yellow jersey for the first three days of the race. He also held the jersey on the 1997 and 1998 Tours. Chris became famous when he won a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona on an innovative bike. He also broke the world hour record three times.

His 1994 Tour de France yellow jersey is on display in the Wondrous Place gallery, as well the Gold Medal he won at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, in the Men's Individual Pursuit.

Chris's first world record-breaking bicycle is on display above them. On 23 July 1993 Chris smashed the Hour World Record by cycling 52.270km in 60 minutes at the Velodrome du Lac in Bordeaux, France. Riding this French-manufactured Corima bicycle, he became the first person to break though 52 km, beating Scotsman Graeme Obree's record set just six days earlier.

Chris broke the record a second time in Manchester in 1996 riding his now famous Lotus Pursuit 'superman-style' bike. This bicycle, which is shown in the video, was on display in the Wondrous Place Gallery.

Transcript of video

Hello, my name is Chris Boardman, former world and Olympic champion.

I've always lived on the banks of the Mersey and despite having a career that has taken me all over the world, a lot of my work in France, this was always home and I chose to commute because it was great to be able to step away from the pressure and come back to somewhere that I felt comfortable. Everything that we've got here, all the roads, the access to Wales and the hills is just a really great place for me.

I can remember coming to the various museums and the Lady Lever Art Gallery here in Liverpool as a kid and coming back and I can remember particularly actually looking at the mummies and the like and this place is absolutely incredible. Some amazingly touching interviews in the things around the wall there and the kids have come here a couple of times and they love it as well.

I don't think you realise as you go along that you pick up objects that signify a moment in your life and this jersey behind me was the first yellow jersey that I won in a Tour de France and it opened up an entire career. There's a bike above me that I broke a world record on and all of these things I think they just spark the imagination and make you think about that time and a pivotal moment that changed everything.