'Kicking and screaming' football show

Double Fantasy - John and Yoko exhibition

The former displays in the Wondrous Place gallery have now closed. The exhibition Double Fantasy - John and Yoko is now in the Wondrous Place gallery.

Animation: Are you red or are you blue

Liverpool's passion for football and the unique rivalry and success of Everton and Liverpool football clubs are brought to life in the Kicking and Screaming film experience.

two boys dressed in period costume with a football

Actors portraying football fans TJ and Charlie, during the filming of 'historic' scenes for Kicking and Screaming

The film takes the visitor on an emotional, exciting journey through the dramatic history of football in Liverpool, a sport that represents the spirit, attitude and identity of the city. It features two boys, Liverpool fan TJ and Everton fan Charlie, who help reveal some of the momentous events that have shaped their teams.

These include the city's heartbreak during the football disasters and the resultant sense of unity. Fans also share their feelings of euphoria which are quite infectious - by the end we hope everyone will feel fired up and ready to go to a match!

Many thanks to Liverpool Football Club Museum and The Everton Collection , who have both lent us an array of memorabilia to use during the production, including seats from both stadiums for visitors to sit in while watching the film.

This is a free show, no ticket required.