18th Century Costume in National Museums Liverpool

18th Century Costume in National Museums Liverpool

Fans of costume history, design or construction will love this book of 18th century gems by Pauline Rushton. Richly illustrated with both full length and detail shots of 35 garments, it traces the development of many of the fashionable styles in men's and women's clothing of the time. Women's silk brocade gowns and men's embroidered wasitcoats are well represented and the publication features the best of both.

"Highly recommended. All colour photographs of male and female costumes and some shoes. It has close up photographs of fabric pattern, buttons, pockets and embellishments. It also has different views of the costumes and some paintings. This was very useful to me when researching this era for costume designs based on this style. Very good for people interested in costume history, design or construction.  BUY THIS BOOK!!" (Amazon customer)

"This is a little jewel of a book... One to add to the collection if you are serious about the dress of this era." (Amazon customer)

Product details

Format: 48 pages, paperback
Publisher: National Museums Liverpool (2010) 
ISBN: 978-1902700014 
Dimensions: 270 x 192 x 12mm