In The Hearts of Giants

Liverpool's Dream 2018


In the final chapter of Liverpool's Giant spectaculars, in October 2018, Liverpool welcomed home its Giant friends for the third and final time. In an unforgettable finale taking place on the streets of the very city which had taken the Royal de Luxe Giants to its heart, Liverpool once again became the land of Giants for four special days in October. And for the first time, Wirral was also part of the magic.

In what was the biggest event the city has ever staged, crowds of more than a million gathered to follow the journeys of the Giant, the Little Boy Giant and his cheeky companion Xolo. In an emotional climax, the Little Girl Giant made a surprise return, much to the delight of onlookers as she bid a final farewell to the city she loves.

Re-live the incredible story of Liverpool's Dream with this limited edition book featuring stunning photos of the unforgettable events which took place on the streets of Liverpool and Wirral. This marks the end of a trilogy, and is quite literally the final chapter of Liverpool's Giant Spectaculars which have engaged, enthralled and inspired millions of people, not just in the Liverpool City Region, but around the world.

Product details

Format: Paperback, 106 pages

Dimensions: 24.9 x 21 x 0.8cm

Publisher: Newhall Publishing and Liverpool City Council

ISBN: 978-1-5272-2984-6