The King of Sunlight

How William Lever Cleaned up the World

One of the most extraordinary men ever to leave his mark on Britain was William Hesketh Lever - soap-boiler, social reformer, MP, tribal chieftan, multi-millionaire and Lord of the Western Isles. He held beliefs far ahead of his time - the welfare state, votes for women, worker's rights - but he also believed the world's problems could be solved by moving populations from country to country, that ballroom dancing could save the soul and that the only healthy way to sleep was outdoors in the wind and the rain.

Adam Macqueen traces Lever's footsteps from his humble Bolton boyhood to a business empire that straddled the world, and shines a penetrating spotlight on a time and a set of beliefs long gone.

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Format: 328 pages, paperback

Publisher: Transworld Publishers

ISBN: 978-0-552-16391-0

Dimensions: 124 x 199 x 22mm


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