An Artist's Guide to Liverpool, Chester and The Wirral

Classic Images by Ian Fennelly

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As a child brought up on The Wirral, Andrew Macdonald was told many myths and legends of the area. From Stories of smugglers wrecking off the rocky coast of New Brighton to the Roman occupation of Chester, from the construction of the massive docks at Liverpool to the myths surrounding the Liver Birds. All of which stimulated his interest in its history and the people that built it. The more he read, the more he realised that many of the stories were mere fables, though he was also surprised to see the many 'first' and 'largest' that the region can claim. So these have been underlined for your 'fact files'.

This book is Andrew's attempt to put the record straight, to provide factual information of one of the most incredible regions inthe world, one in which he was fortunate to have grown up. Wishing to pass on his undoubted enthusiasm he has kept the guide as light-hearted and as interesting as possible for the reader. Having chosen a mere twenty four of the better known locations and buildings he enlisted the help of Ian Fennelly, a well known artist, to provide drawings that depict the scenes in his unique and modern style, offering the reader bright and colourful images, as well as his stories, that are as much a delight to view as is the subject matter itself.

This second edition contains even more highlights and new art work.

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Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 14.8 x 21

Publisher: Gallery Art Publications