The Pitkin Guide to Titanic

The Worlds Largest Liner

The 'Royal Mail Steamer Titanic' ranks with HMS Victory, the Golden Hind and the Santa Maria as one of the most famous ships in history. Titanic's commercial career lasted just a few days in April 1912 but her legacy has remained strong throughout the 20th century and continues to enthral in the 21st century.

When Titanic began her sea trials on 1 April 1912 she was the largest moving object ever made by man. She left Southampton for her maiden voyage on 10 April 1912, calling at Cherbourg before sailing on to Queenstown in Ireland. By the time she left Queenstown on 11 April she had 884 crew, 337 first class, 271 second class and 706 third class (previously known as steerage) passengers. The majority of those who boarded were fated not to arrive but went on to perish in the icy waters of the North Atlantic on 15 April in what has become one of the most famous and poignant shipping disasters the world has ever known.

What happened on that fateful voyage, and why were so many lost. Was it fate, bad luck, incompetence, sheer negligence - or a fatal combination of events? 

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