DVD Liverpool Through the Ages

Presented by Billy Butler, Liverpool Through the Ages takes the viewer on an historical journey around one of Britain's foremost cities from Roman Times to present day, including its role in the Second World War and its influence on sport and music.

The story of Liverpool is essentially the story of one of the greatest ports in the world. The sea made Liverpool - and made it unique. No other city in Britain has such a rich heritage of diverse cultures and influences - which is why no other city has turned out like Liverpool. The people are unique. The humour is unique. Even the accent is unique. It's a great city - and a great story.

It comes a s a surprise to discover that - as English cities go - Liverpool really isn't all that old. The Romans ignored it in favour of Chester - more fool them. No-one's even quite sure how it got its name, although the most likely explanation is that it's Welsh and means 'Pool of confluence'. The Mersey however, we do know takes its name from the old English word Maere, meaning boundary.

The city's history also has a darker side, the sea tradgedies - it was from here that the Battle of the Atlantic was fought as Briton sought to stave off starvation during the Second World War; violence as the city struggled to find its feet against a background of often grinding poverty, sorrow as thousands upon thousands of emigrants bade farewell to the Old World as they left the quays for a new life in America. Liverpool was also the slavery capital of Europe.

The second half of the twentieth century saw Liverpool emerge first as a cultural and artistic centre - everyone in the world knows that Liverpool was the birthplace of the Beatles and the 'Mersey' sound. The city also has a rich sporting heritage with two world class football teams at Everton and Anfield. And Aintree, of course, is renowned the world over for the Grand National.

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Running time: 55 minutes


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