Insights into Roman Hoards of North West England

Proceedings of the 2016 Conference at the Museum of Liverpool

This volume focuses on three Romano-British hoards from North West England. Two of these were acquired by the Museum of Liverpool and congleton Museum in 2015. The Malpas Hoard was discovered in January 2014 during a metal-detecting rally. This first-century AD hoard consists of 35 coins which are a mixture of Iron Age gold staters and Roman silver denarii. The Knutsford Hoard was discovered in 2012 and recorded and excavated jointly by a metal detectorist and a small team of archaeologists. This second century AD hoard consists of 103 coins, five items of jewellery and fragments of pottery. The third hoard, the Brindle Hoard, is in the Museum in Preston.

The occasional finds of hoards in North West England, Lancashire, Cheshire, and Merseyside are contributing to a growing understanding of the region in the Romano-British period, and the three hoards in question contibute to our understanding of finds, how they came to be deposited in this region, and the evidence they contribute.

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