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Adrian Wiszniewski was born in 1958 in Glasgow and has worked in a number of media (paintings, prints, ceramics and TV screenplays) in an attempt to explore more avenues for his ideas.

Landscape was painted in March and April 1987 during the artist's residency at the Walker. It is one of the largest canvases Wiszniewski has painted and despite its size was executed quite quickly. The title Landscape may seem unorthodox given the eminent place of the two figures in the painting. The woman's central place in the composition, the flying bird and the phallic pipes held by both figures hold a symbolic meaning. The painting may reflect the artist's feelings about his wife, who was six months pregnant when the painting began. In the process of making Landscape Wiszniewski allowed his subconscious to lead him and draws from the personal and intimate event of his wifes pregnancy to express his inner thoughts about womanhood, fertility and his association with nature.