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Download mp3 audio files of talks and events at our museums and galleries.  Transcripts are also available with each podcast.

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A brief extract from the show 'A Dickens of a Christmas Carol' at World Museum Liverpool's Treasure House Theatre.
1.1MB, 2.13 mins
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Categories:  Performance

Kensington Youth Inclusion Project read their poems inspired by the John Moores 25 Contemporary Painting Prize exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery.
2.21MB, 4.47 mins
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A gallery talk by local historian Margaret Williams who discusses the Great War and its impact on the village of Port Sunlight.
14.2MB, 31.59 mins
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Categories:  Urban/social history

Lisa Bradshaw, John Moores exhibition officer at the Walker Art Gallery, talks about the history of the John Moores contemporary painting prize and the organisation of the John Moores 25 exhibition.
14.8MB, 32.13 mins
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A gallery talk on the history of the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize and some of its winning artists and artworks.
20.5MB, 45.55 mins
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Talk by Nicolette Jones on Samuel Plimsoll, after whom the Plimsoll line is named.
21.6MB, 47.10 mins
Nicolette Jones
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An introduction to the exhibition and detailed information about the room sizes and flooring of the gallery space. This guide may be useful to visually impaired visitors.
2.26MB, 5.57 mins
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Speeches by David Fleming, Prof. Phil Redmond, Reyahn King, Lady Grantchester and Sacha Craddock.
8.97MB, 20.35 mins
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Talk by exhibition curator Alex Kidson from the Joseph Wright of Derby in Liverpool symposium
11.8MB, 25.15 mins
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Talk by Roey Sweet from the Joseph Wright of Derby in Liverpool symposium
11.7MB, 25.54 mins
Roey Sweet
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Introductory speeches from the third of public forums, looking at the galleries of the forthcoming Museum of Liverpool. This session looks at what makes a scouser, how place impacts on identity and is there a Liverpool spirit?
23.1MB, 49.16 mins
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Categories:  Urban/social history