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Category: Community and education

November 2009

Ancient Egyptian Adventure - The Secret of the Jewelled Heart

A reading of the story of Ancient Egyptian Adventure - The Secret of The Jewelled Heart by Dorothy Fanshawe-Smythe (Dotty) played by actor Emma Hirons. The story is written by Chris Ball and based on the show devised by Hope Street Limited and directed by Patrick Dineen. Created for the Find Your Talent programme.

Categories: Ancient Egypt, Community and education, Performance

December 2008

Kensington Youth Inclusion Project poems

Kensington Youth Inclusion Project read their poems inspired by the John Moores 25 Contemporary Painting Prize exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery.

Categories: Performance, Community and education

May 2007

What are museums for?

Gillian Reynolds, James Delingpole, Dea Birkett, David Barrie and David Fleming discuss issues facing modern museums, including accessibility for all, visitor interaction and collections.

Categories: Community and education