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Category: Urban/social history

January 2011

Liverpool Overhead Railway archive film footage

Dr Richard Koeck talking about his research into archive film footage of Liverpool Overhead Railway. This project has been enabled by Northwest Vision and Media and the UK film Council's Digital Film Archive Fund supported by the National Lottery.

Categories: Urban/social history

November 2009

Stephen Shakeshaft's exhibition talk

Photographer Stephen Shakeshaft gives a talk about his exhibition of pictures of Liverpool people.

Categories: Photography, Temporary exhibitions, Urban/social history

November 2008

Over by Christmas - a talk by Margaret Williams

A gallery talk by local historian Margaret Williams who discusses the Great War and its impact on the village of Port Sunlight.

Categories: Urban/social history

October 2008

The Plimsoll Sensation by Nicolette Jones

Talk by Nicolette Jones on Samuel Plimsoll, after whom the Plimsoll line is named.

Categories: Maritime history, Urban/social history

January 2008

People's city

Introductory speeches from the third of public forums, looking at the galleries of the forthcoming Museum of Liverpool. This session looks at what makes a scouser, how place impacts on identity and is there a Liverpool spirit?

Categories: Urban/social history

December 2007

Magical History Tour exhibition tour

Dr Jon Murden and Dr Liz Stewart give a tour of the Magical History Tour exhibition, which charts 800 years of the city's history from its origins as a small village to the European Capital of Culture 2008

Categories: Urban/social history, Temporary exhibitions

December 2007

The age of slave apologies

Dr Mark Christian, associate professor of Sociology and Black World Studies at Miami University uses the case study of Liverpool’s apology for its role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade to explore the concept of slave apologies.

Categories: Slavery and human rights, Urban/social history

December 2007


Esther Stanford (community law educational practitioner consultant and scholar activist in jurisprudence) and Dorothy Kuya (co-opted trustee of National Museums Liverpool and member of the International Slavery Museum council) lead a lively public debate about reparations to the continent of Africa and the African diaspora.

Categories: Slavery and human rights, Urban/social history

November 2007

The floating dungeon: a history of the slave ship

Professor Marcus Rediker from the University of Pittsburg and author of 'The Slave Ship: A Human History', gives a fascinating talk on the horrors and realities of life and death on a transatlantic slave ship.

Categories: Slavery and human rights, Urban/social history

November 2007

Global City

Introductory speeches from the second of a series of public forums, each looking at one of the four themed galleries planned for the Museum Liverpool. This forum investigates themes relating to the Global City gallery

Categories: Urban/social history

October 2007

Port Cities

In the first of our public discussions around the themes of the new Museum of Liverpool, Adrian Jarvis, Robert Lee and Ken Pye look at Liverpool as a port city.

Categories: Urban/social history

March 2007

'Lutyen's Cathedral'

Dr Paul O'Keeffe delivers an object of the month talk on 'Lutyen's Cathedral' at the Walker Art Gallery.

Categories: Decorative arts, Urban/social history