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Danaid, Auguste Rodin

Talk by Xanthe Brooke at the Walker Art Gallery

While you listen

Here are suggestions of webpages to browse while listening to our audio download of curator Xanthe Brooke's Walker Art Gallery Object of the Month talk on Auguste Rodin's sculpture 'Danaid'.

Rodin pages on our site

Rodin sculptures temporary display feature - looks at six Rodin sculptures donated to the Walker Art Gallery by collector James Smith - 'Danaid', 'Death of Athens', 'Eve', 'Fleeting Love', 'Minerva', 'Sister and Brother'.

Extended essay on 'Danaid' - as part of the artwork of the month series.

Rodin images elsewhere on the web

Slideshow of the most recent photographs tagged 'Rodin' on Flickr (flash player required).

Slideshow of the most 'interesting' photographs tagged 'Rodin' on Flickr (flash player required).

Rodin at Artcylopaedia - comprehensive list of Rodin sculptures at museums and galleries worldwide available to view online.

Rodin information elsewhere on the web

Musée Rodin, Paris

Camille Claudel - Musée Rodin page on sculptor who may have been the model for 'Danaid'.

Auguste Rodin at Wikipedia - online encyclopaedia page that anyone can edit.

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