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Dr. Paul O'Keeffe talks about 'Fontana', by John Moores 25 first prizewinner, Peter McDonald.

Picture of the Month talk, October 2008 at the Walker Art Gallery.

While you listen

Here are suggestions of webpages to browse while listening to our downloadable talk by Paul O'Keeffe about 'Fontana' by Peter McDonald.

John Moores exhibition pages on our site:

Peter McDonald's profile page - Look at 'Fontana' and read Peter McDonald's biography and artist's statement.

Artwork of the Month - Read Peter's comments about his inspiration for 'Fontana' in October's 'Artwork of the Month' feature.

John Moores 25 homepage - See the other paintings in the exhibition and find out about related talks and events.

Artist information elsewhere on the web:

Peter McDonald's page on the Kate MacGarry website - See more of Peter's paintings.

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