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Poems by Kensington Youth Inclusion Project

Kensington Youth Inclusion project read their poems inspired by the John Moores 25 Contemporary Painting Prize exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery. The podcast was recorded on 22 November 2008.

Rhyming couplet poems

'Solitude' by Casey-Lea Moon

People living in a cell
Are living in hell
But this cell is bright
It is such a pretty sight

'The love poem' by Jessica

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Ice cream is so lovely
So are you
And when I look at ice cream
I always dream about you

'My painting' by Lauren Garrigos

It’s not like any other thing
It’s very, very bright
It movedf you when you look at it
With its abandoned light

It’s very extraordinary
It is not small it’s big
I don’t know how I drawed it
It’s as juicy as a fig

'The black bile' by Ashleigh Taggart

The fat black bile
Is on trial
His shining eyes
They are hesitating for pies
His wavy skin
Needs a little trim
The fat black bile
Is on trial

'The black bile' by Jade Molyneux

The black fat bile
It ran for a mile
Gleaming eyes
That make you rise
As wavy as the sea it makes me feel
Free. The black fat
Bile it ran for a

'Happy' by Natasha Moon

Blues, pinks and yellows
Are very, very bright
Whenever I look at them
They are always light
I love those colours because
They are colourful
There is loads of things on
It which is very shapeful

'The black bile' by Kodie Cross

Big black bile, all scary and vile
Poisonous eyes, all covered in flies
His big fat body, needs somebody

'There’s a house in my ghost' by Tiegan Taggart

When I look at this painting
It looks so real
I love the way it makes me feel
Its makes me so proud
I want to scream out loud
The sky is blue
The sea is green
When I look at this painting
It’s like looking at a dream

'Bacteria' by Brogan Beck

I chose to draw bacteria
As it causes hysteria
My belly is full of worms
Because of all these germs
The fellow makes me mellow
The red send me to bed
The blue makes me look ugly
Just like you

'Scarface' by Peter Hughes

Scary, glary, staring eyes
Peeping out from the wavy
Black lines
Watching your foot steeps wherever
You go
And rainbow colours from behind
It glow

Haiku poems

Fontana haiku by Natasha Moon, Brogan Beck, Jade Molyneaux, Tiegan Taggart and Lauren Garrigos

Fontana art pieces
This picture has a spud head
Winning masterpiece

Black Bile haiku by Jessica

Black bile is so vile
It will scare me and you
Black bile, black bile is so vile

Black Bile haiku by Casey-Lea Moon

I really like it
Because it is colourful
My friends like it too

Black Bile haiku by Peter Hughes

Black bile, scary style
Rainbow colours shine out
Dark eyes follow me

Black Bile haiku by Ashleigh Taggart

The black bile is vile
It’s black and it scares me
The black bile is vile

Black Bile haiku by Kodie Cross

Black bile is so vile
Scary as can be hee, hee
I really like it