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How to listen to our podcasts

Podcasts available through our website can be listened to in a number of ways.

1 - Listen at your computer

If you have headphones or speakers attached to your computer you can listen to the talks through your computer. Download a talk from our podcast directory and listen to it while surfing the web. For each talk, we provide a list of suggested pages on our site or elsewhere on the web to visit for further information or entertainment while you listen.

2 - Listen on the move

Lots of people now have personal mp3 players. If you have one you can download a talk onto your mp3 player and listen to it wherever and whenever you want.

3 - Listen in the gallery

If you have your own mp3 player you can download talks onto it before you visit one of our venues. You can then listen to the talk while looking at the object or exhibition that the talk is concerning.