'Landscape, Hampstead', John Everett Millais

Wyldes farm on Hampstead Heath

This work was painted when Millais was just 19 and yet to truly begin painting in the Pre-Raphaelite style. It was made in the summer of 1848 whilst Millais was staying with friends in Hampstead. It is a view of Wyldes Farm on the edge of the Heath.

Despite lacking the microscopic attention to detail that would become a feature of his Pre-Raphaelite paintings, this landscape does herald his later style. It is a 'matter of fact' treatment of a corner of an English field. It shows how Millais already wanted to paint direct from nature and not to elevate the prosaic subject matter through devices such as anecdotal figures or incident.

Artwork Details

Medium and Support: Oil on canvas
Date: 1848
Accession No: WAG 271