Emily Tinne

Old photo of a woman

Emily Margaret Tinne, taken around the time of her marriage in 1910

Emily was born Emily Margaret McCulloch in 1886 in Calcutta, India, where her parents were Christian missionaries. At the age of seven she was sent home to England and later lived with her mother's family in Edinburgh.

When Emily was 18 she moved to Liverpool to live with her uncle while she trained as a domestic science teacher. There she met and, in 1910, married Dr Philip Frederic Tinne, a member of a wealthy family of sugar merchants and ship owners.

Emily and Philip Tinne on their wedding day, 14 July 1910

Following their marriage, Emily and Philip Tinne settled in south Liverpool. In 1923 they moved into Clayton Lodge, a large mansion on Aigburth Road. Here they brought up their children and Philip had his doctor's surgery attached to the house.

Once married Emily had to give up her job. Women teachers had to be unmarried at that time.

With servants to help care for her children, Emily had time to go shopping and to work for a number of charitable causes. The Tinne family fortune paid for the huge number of garments and accessories that she bought in the 1920s and 1930s.

There are more than 700 items in the Tinne Collection, but Emily once owned many more clothes that have not survived.