18 October 2008 to 23 February 2009

Free admission

Unfolding is an exhibition of art works created by artists Steve Rooney and Sue Williams in collaboration with designer, Damian Cruikshank.

The 'interventions' on display are a response to the work that Steve and Sue have undertaken over the past three years with former patients of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre at Mossley Hill Hospital, part of the Merseycare NHS Trust

All of the works are made from paper based material, which has been folded to form three dimensional shapes. Each of these sculptures use geometric design to investigate different facets of the conscious mind. The facets that they explore are: executive function, memory, creative self, social self and industrious self.

The sculptures have been made for different rooms in Sudley House and each piece of work is inspired by the way that room was originally used. The house and its rooms relate to the brain or the mind and consequently to identity. In particular, the sculptures resonate with the idea of the self in terms of motivation, cognition, emotion and social identity.

Included in the exhibition on the first floor, is a series of artworks created by participants at the Mossley Hill Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre following their visits to Sudley House during 2008, as part of the Making More Sense project.