Ancient Egypt

Discover Ancient Egypt on a visit to World Museum's acclaimed gallery Ancient Egypt: a journey through time, or watch our in-depth videos to find out more about its treasures with our curators. There are a range of workshops, resources and trails to support your visit and you can explore our Ancient Egypt collections further online.

Ancient Egyptian Shabtis

Shabtis are small figures that were thought to magically come to life to serve the ancient Egyptians in the afterlife. Hear from our curator Ashley about two shabtis that are on display in our 'Ancient Egypt: A journey through time' gallery.

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Fun stuff

3D models

Explore our objects like never before with some of our interactive 3D models.

Relief Carving of Tuthmose I 

This limestone carved raised relief represents King Tuthmose I. Find out more about this relief carving of Tuthmose I.

Shabti of Tenro

Find out more about this magical figure

Statuette of Horus the Child

Copper alloy statuette of Horus the Child is represented walking wearing a crown with uraeus. Find out more about this statuette.

Zeus Ammon

The head of Zeus Ammon is part of our Ince Blundell Roman sculpture collection.

It is on display in the Ancient Egypt gallery at World Museum in order to explain the influence of Egypt on Rome.

Find out more about this Zeus Ammon sculpture.