Bees exhibition - self led visit

Book school-exclusive time slot for the amazing Bees: A Story of Survival exhibition at World Museum. Enhance your visit with a trail exploring the themes from the exhibition across the rest of the museum.


Workshop details

Bring your pupils to experience the amazing Bees: A Story of Survival exhibition at the World Museum. Immerse them in the world of bees to learn about science through music and art during your 30-minute, school-exclusive time slot. How many species of bee exist? What are their habitats? Which have the most positive impact on our environment? And how can humans help them survive?

After visiting the exhibition, follow a trail to explore links to bees and nature in our permanent collection at the World Museum. We will provide you with a specially designed resource to extend pupils’ learning about themes from the exhibition such as climate change and natural history. Look out for the bee icon depicting ‘Buzz’, a Tawny Mining Bee, who will guide you along the trail.

The exhibition is designed by artist Wolfgang Buttress, famous for his multi-sensory artworks inspired by our evolving relationship with the natural world. It celebrates the diversity and beauty of bees, their fascinating behaviour and how vital they are for allowing ecosystems to function.

Image © Pete Carr

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