Rock pool encounters

Get up close to some of our rockpool animals in the Aquarium at World Museum!

This workshop is available on Tuesdays at 12.15 and 1.15pm and on Fridays at 10.15 and 11.15am.

Workshop details

This workshop will introduce you to starfish, anemones and crabs. One of our animal care team will talk you through the amazing adaptations of these creatures as well as highlighting the importance of our oceans and wildlife.

The workshop will be geared to the needs of your group with games and activities for younger visitors and more in-depth conversation and detail for older children and adult groups. Ensure you add details of your group's age and ability in your booking and we will ensure you get the most out of your animal encounter.

Practical information for your visit

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes will vary depending on your group's focus, but an average session will include the following.

Knowledge and understanding

 Pupils will:

  • Learn about how to recognize similarities and differences in organisms.
  • Learn about local wildlife and where to find it.
  • Learn about adaptations of rock pool animals


 Pupils will be introduced to:

  • Similarities and differences.
  • Classification.
  • Identifying organisms.


Pupils will:

  • Develop observation skills by looking at the anatomy of rock pool animals.
  • Improve their speaking and listening skills in a group discussion context.
  • Learn to give reasoned answers backed up by evidence.


Pupils will

  • Enjoy a focused visit to the aquarium
  • Be inspired to take an interest in the natural world and our coastline.
  • Learn to understand that different animals live in different habitats and have adaptations to help them survive.
  • Learn how to recognize some common animals in our local shores.