Spiders, scorpions and insects

More than 80% of all living creatures on the planet are arthropods and their existence dates back before the dinosaurs! During this workshop our expert demonstrators will help your class examine the ecology, adaptations and lifestyles of these amazing animals. 

This workshop is available to book on Wednesdays.

Workshop details

Pupils will get the chance to interact with three really successful arthropod groups - the insects, arachnids and myriapods. They have the opportunity to get up close to real live specimens from our Bug House as well as material from our collections and even large animatronic models.

The children can see a scorpion glow under UV light, learn why stick insects camouflage and discover how we can tell a spider is a girl by her big bottom!

Children will then have the chance to ask the demonstrators any questions they might have about the world of arthropods.

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