All the World is Now Richer

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steel sculpture of six standing figures All the World is Now Richer This month Sokari Douglas Camp is exhibiting her series of six powerful welded steel sculpture at St Georges Hall just a stone’s throw from World Museum Liverpool. The exhibition, titled  All the World is Now Richer, has been installed in the Dickens & Gladstone Gallery and is a fitting commemoration for the abolition of slavery. Sokari’s steel figures stand strong and erect. They are modelled on people she remembers but they were inspired by a well known quotation from William Prescott, a former slave in the United States:
“They will remember that we were sold but they won’t remember that we were strong. They will remember that we were bought but not that we were brave”.
portrait photo of Sokari Douglas Camp Sokari Douglas Camp (photo by Ininaa Camp) Sokari was born in the Kalabari town of Buguma in the Niger Delta in southeast Nigeria. She went to school in Britain and studied art in the USA and London. She has an MA in sculpture from the Royal College of art. Sokari also completed an apprenticeship with the renowned Yoruba traditional wood sculptor, Lamedi Fakayé, in the Nigerian city of Ife, which is something people don’t seem to mention in biographical notes. Her Nigerian and Kalabari upbringing has strongly influenced the way Sokari sees things, and it remains an important inspiration for her work. But Sokari is an internationally exhibited artist who also creates works inspired by her present home environment in southeast London and by contemporary social and cultural issues. Sokari’s exhibition opened on August 30th and will run to September 29th 2013 - see the St George's Hall website for more details. Why not come and meet Sokari and find out more about her exciting work on Wednesday, September 18th, when she will be at St Georges Hall to talk about her exhibition in the Concert Room at the North entrance. Her talk is free and starts at 6pm. To find out more call St Georges Hall on 0151 233 3020.