Ancient Egyptian Adventure

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The public fascination with Ancient Egypt never seems to wane, as the opening of Howard Carter’s house as a museum in Egypt testifies. The British archaeologist’s most famous discovery was the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun, and the house has been opened due to popular demand. A trip to Egypt is a little out of my reach at the moment, but I did recently have a little taste of the excitement an explorer might undoubtedly feel on entering an undisturbed ancient tomb to unravel its secrets and mysteries. The occasion? I was part of a small audience for the dress rehearsal of ‘Ancient Egyptian Adventure – the Secret of the Jewelled Heart’ which is currently on its way to 63 selected schools in Knowsley, St Helens and Liverpool as part of a government initiative called Find Your Talent.

The performance is just one part of a whole day of activities that pupils engage in on the theme of Ancient Egypt, but the great thing about it is that they get to follow the characters, intrepid explorer Jesse and archaeologist Dotty through a door and onto the stage set of a pyramid tomb! The whole show is totally immersive and there's been a great response so far with one head teacher calling it ‘outstanding’. It’s amazing how much work and planning has gone into creating the experience which has been produced in partnership with Hope Street Limited. The whole set had to be designed so that it would fit into a transit van along with the cast … I bet that’s a spectacle in itself.  

Ancient Egyptian Adventure is just one of the many Find Your Talent programmes currently being rolled out in the Liverpool city region, and I’ll be telling you more about others in the future. But don’t worry if you’re not part of the programme – you can still marvel at the wonder of ancient Egypt in our gallery at World Museum or learn about proverbs and witty sayings from ancient Egyptian society in our podcast.