Ancient Egyptians spotted in Toxteth

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Wig like an Egyptian (to paraphrase the Bangles)

Well, Toxteth TV in fact. Here's the lowdown from Jo Connor, the Treasure House Theatre co-ordinator at World Museum Liverpool, who was there to see all the action:

"Curator Carolyn Routledge, Paul Browne, Mark Saunders and Paul McMullan from the AV team and myself have been involved in filming excerpts to be shown in the new Ancient Egypt gallery when it opens in December 2008. We had four fantastic actors - Colin, Eddie, Nalini and Maria - as Pharaoh Rameses, his architect  Bakenkhonsu, a Chantress and a House Maid. These characters from the world of ancient Egypt were all brought vividly to life.

It was fascinating watching the costume and and make up ladies weave their magic spells. And I was incredibly jealous that I didn't get chance to wear the wig Nalini had on for filming which Bill Watson from Design nicknamed 'the sofa' because of its size and shape.

Unfortunately we didn't get to film on location,(didn't want to spend a week in Egypt anyway... honest) but with 3 days in Toxteth (apart from the rain and the wind) I could almost believe I was there!"