Animal Art at the Walker Art Gallery

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Baby in animal costume

Young visitors can join in the fun with animal costumes in Big Art

Oinking, bleating and clucking are not the sounds you expect from a trip to the Walker Art Gallery but this weekend some special guests are set to change all of that.

On Saturday 31 March and Tuesday 3 April a mini farm arrives at the gallery giving our visitors the opportunity to feast their eyes on rabbits alongside the Rubens, Rembrandt and Rossettis.

I have to confess I am most looking forward to the mini pigs but there will also be cute goats and this close to Easter it would be rude to not invite the chickens too.

The mini farm is just one part of a host of activities inspired by animals in art. From the majestic horses of Liverpool-born artist George Stubbs, to the imposing geometric lines and shapes of  Dan Hays’ giant hamster cage in the John Moores Painting Prize winning work, Harmony in Green, the Walker Art Gallery contains plenty of examples of animal-inspired art.

Join us for free events which explore this relationship on the following dates:

Mini farm
Saturday 31 March and Tuesday 3 April 2012
11am – 3pm
Visit our mini farm and meet adorable mini pigs, goats, rabbits and chickens. Visitors can get up close to the animals and then explore the gallery to see if they can spot the same creatures in the artworks using a brand new trail- On the Farm.

Animal Masks
Saturday 31 March, Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4 & Thursday 5 April 2012
11am – 4pm
Art materials are available for families to make their own animal mask to take away.

Saturday 31 March, Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4 & Thursday 5 April 2012
At intervals from 11am
Listen to fun stories about animals in our paintings, sculpture and objects.

Doodle Station
Saturday 31 March, Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4 & Thursday 5 April 2012
12.30 – 3.30pm
Join our volunteers for an afternoon of drawing for all the family. Have a go at drawing your favourite animal from the paintings or the mini farm.

Big Art for Little Artists
Saturday 31 March to Thursday 5 April 2012
10am – 5pm
Drop in for animal fun in Big Art – dress up as your favourite animal, play with animal puppets or get creative with and make your own animal art.

Check our events page to see what else is on at National Museums Liverpool over the Easter hols.