Anti-Slavery Day

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Young girl squatting to clean a large pile of pots and pans

Stephanie George. Over 200,000 children in Haiti work as 'restaveks' - children sent from their family homes in rural areas to work as domestic workers in the city. © Pete Pattisson

Today, 18 October, is Anti-Slavery Day. Many people may think that slavery is something that is part of history but in fact it’s something that still exists today in many forms.

An estimated 12.3 million people across the world are in slavery today, forced to work for little or no pay and denied their most basic human right of freedom. Many people continue to fight for freedom and Anti-Slavery Day on 18 October offers the perfect opportunity to make a stand and join the campaign for freedom.

To understand more about slavery in all it’s forms visit the International Slavery Museum where it’s currently hosting an exhibition called Home Alone: end domestic slavery in conjunction Anti-Slavery International which tells the story of domestic workers. Home alone, invisible to society and lacking legal protection, domestic workers are among the most exploited and abused workers in the world.