Architectural lines - a drawing and print workshop with Kathryn Edwards

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Workshop leader Kathryn Edwards Kathryn Edwards is an Artist and Musician. She will be delivering line drawing workshops at the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight on 9 June and 24 July as part of the Whistler and Pennell: Etching the city exhibition. In this blog we give a background to Kathryn as a workshop leader, an insight into how the work of Whistler and Pennell sparked the inspiration for these workshops, which are suitable for beginners and experienced artists alike and all about creating confidence. Kathryn's art is about interpretation and in this free workshop she wants visitors to feel every line created is the right one, no erasers needed! Places on the workshop are free but spaces are limited, advance booking via Eventbrite is essential. "The smell of an art space ignites a strong nostalgic memory in me; it instantly throws me back to being stood in one of my dad’s friend’s studios or in his classroom doodling with chalks, paints, pastels or clay. I’ve always identified myself as an artist - its something people have said to me since before I can even remember. Armed with a pencil my first steps into the world of art were guided by my dad even though his style couldn’t be more different to mine; as he painted spacecrafts and falcons with terrified hares in their grip I drew the people I would see on the street documenting the small details that allowed me - for a brief moment - to step into their shoes." Adding colour to transform the line Kathryn's initial line drawing" "Within my own practice I work to create art that has a real impact on the viewer, something that encapsulates a unique moment communicating a memorable feeling or experience. For me, the initial line-drawing has always been the first – and most important - stage of my creative process. As I hold my eye on the subject I find myself forgetting the pen is in my hand as it travels along the paper. Colour is also an integral element, people of course see and interpret colour differently but for me it can encourage a feeling of positivity and increase the depth of a line. I’m always drawn to pattern and have worked with different forms of printmaking and collage. "My workshop within the beautiful Lady Lever Art Gallery will be inspired by the buildings within Port Sunlight. I have often found myself drawn to architecture, people change over time whilst built structures stay the same - it’s the memories created within them that give them their character. Kathryn's finished work "Whistler and Pennell took etching, a declining art practice and gave it a contemporary twist injecting their own personal preference of the same era to produce distinguishable works of art. Inspired by them I want to support budding workshop artists in building their own unique creative identity." Booking online is essential via Eventbrite.