Art in Liverpool podcast

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DefNet Media have recently teamed up with Ian Jackson to start the Art in Liverpool podcast, providing a relentlessly enthusiastic look at the Liverpool visual arts scene. The latest show features "Out of Body at the Open Eye Gallery, Ian Meets the new Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham MP, ArtFinder Gallery... Ben Johnson... FACT PV, Tate PV... and the opening of the Arthur Dooley archive at the Liverpool Academy of Arts featuring Bryan Burgess and Carl Hodgeson".  

Ben Johnson poses in front of a canvas at the Pier Head for a cameraman

Ben Johnson press call, October 2005

In a bonus this week, they've also released a recording of an interview with Ben Johnson at the Walker Art Gallery on Monday. Ben and Ian begin by discussing a 2005 press call (photograph above) and look at the development of the painting over the period since.