Art of Love

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This week photographic artist Marta Soul captured a couple embracing in the sculpture gallery at the Walker Art Gallery.

The Spanish photographer used two models to stage the photograph for a body of work she is creating for an exhibition in LA at the Kopeikin Gallery.

Soul has staged a series of romantic interludes starring the same woman stealing a kiss with different men in various lush settings – the Walker Art Gallery on this occasion. This series of work is called Idilios which means love affair or romance in Spanish.

It’s not often you see a man in a dinner suit walking around the sculpture gallery but for the purposes of this photo both models had their finery on. Ironically it drew quite a crowd and visitors were taking pictures of the photographer taking her photographs.

Marta Soul said: “All the settings for my collection of recent photographs are based on experiencing vivid emotions, so the sculpture gallery at the Walker Art Gallery is ideal for my work.”

A man and a woman kiss amongst some sculptures

The models pose for the camera