Art in Revolution: Liverpool 1911- we need your help!

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Curator with paintng

Curator Charlotte Keenan researches paintings from the original 1911 exhibition

It’s that time of year when many of us will be making our annual trip up to the loft to get down the tinsel, fairy lights and all important star for the Christmas tree. But this time while you are up there cast your eyes around- you may very well be able to help the Walker Art Gallery with one of their major exhibitions for 2011!

Curators at the gallery are on the hunt for paintings by local artists that were included in a ground-breaking exhibition held in Liverpool almost 100 years ago and feel sure some of them must have made their way into local homes.

Could you have one hanging in your home or collecting dust in your loft? Do you think you might even be a descendent of one of the artists? Our curators would love to hear from you.

In 1911 the Bluecoat held an exhibition of post-Impressionist artists, who were relatively unknown and anti-establishment at the time, but some of whom are now recognised as giants of 20th century art.

Works by Picasso, Matisse, Gauguin and Van Gogh all starred in the exhibition alongside other European and local avant-garde artists.

Next year the Walker Art Gallery is hosting 'Art in Revolution: Liverpool 1911', an exploration of this important exhibition. Our curators have been researching both the exhibition itself and the backdrop of social unrest in Liverpool at the time. Their research has led them to collections all over the world but there are some works which are still eluding them.
Below are the local artists and artworks our curators are most interested in finding out more about. If you think you can help please contact Charlotte Keenan on or 0151 478 4141.

Caroline Richards – Exhibited three drawings or watercolours of the Lincolnshire area: 'Lincoln Cathedral', 'Tealby-Lincolnshire',  and 'Rochford Tower, near Boston, Lincolnshire'.

Constance Irving – Exhibited a drawing and painting titled 'In the Sere' and 'Bet Ty' respectively.

Eleanor B. Page – exhibited one painting, 'Poppies and Cabbages'

Enid Jackson – Two untitled drawings

Ethel Martin Frimston – 'Boats' (Painting), 'The Sphinx' (Bronze), and 'Urn from Dove Park' (Plaster).

George T. Capstick – Two paintings: 'Portrait Study' and 'Interior'

Hamel Calder – 'A Balcony in Liverpool'

Hilda Goffery Atkinson - 'The Landing Place'

Kate Sargent – 'Lilacs' and 'Sussex Landscape' (paintings)

Mary McCrossan - 'The Foreshore', 'Green Shutters', 'The Fair', 'Washing Day' and 'The Fleet - Night'

Mary Palethorpe - 'The Harbour, Volendam'

Maud Glynn - 'Hills near Bethesda, Wales'

Prescod Malcom - 'At the top of the field'

Thomas Handley - 'The Hayle Bar - Low Tide (Sketch Near St Ives)'

William Wilfrid Cave - 'After the Dance' and 'September Morning – Amberley'

Winifred Burne - 'The Bathing Houses - Wort See'

Winifred Phillips - 'A Town Garden', 'A Cliff', 'Hastings Beach', 'Wild Flowers', 'Portrait of the Artist' and 'Flowers'