Artist Marcus Coates at the Walker Art Gallery- free event

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It is that time of year again when the shops are packed with witches and warlock costumes. I for one have shunned mass-produced costumes and favoured a more DIY aesthetic. Over the years I have taken great pride in my costumes, which although a bit rough around the edges, were usually unique and a bit of a conversation-starter. However I have never had the pleasure of going to a party with artist Marcus Coates, who I fear may have a costume wardrobe to outshine my own.

Artist in costume with lady

Journey to the Lower World, Beryl 2004. Photography by Nick David. Courtesy of Kate MacGarry and Workplace Gallery

It is seven years since Marcus created "Journey to the Lower World", a film artwork in which he performs a shamanic ritual before a group of fascinated and amused onlookers from Liverpool’s Sheil Park housing estate.

Next week Marcus will be reunited with some of the residents at the Walker Art Gallery in an “in conversation” event with Liverpool-based artist Leo Fitzmaurice. The free event, which forms part of the Contemporary Art Society’s Centenary Programme takes place on Thursday 27 October 2010 at 1pm. To book please call 0151 478 4697.

"Journey to a Lower World" a major piece of work by the artist, was recently acquired by the gallery with the help of the Contemporary Art Society’s Acquisitions Scheme. This is the first time it has been on public display in Liverpool and is on show until early next 2011.