Ask a silly question ...

Too many questions, not enough answers. Like who will win the Big Brother final? Will St Helens or Wigan win the big clash at Knowsley Road tonight? And who will replace Kevin Keegan? All of these questions will resolve themselves in time.

But imagine if you were faced with a mind-boggling task – like the creation of a museum from scratch. It could have anything in it and be made to your exact specifications  - built of marshmallows and smarties, contain only items beginning with D, and be staffed by trapeze artists. What would yours be like?

The Great Debate 2008 is asking exactly that question. There’s no right or wrong – it’s just a chance to get involved in the fantasy world of museums and let your imagination run riot. National Museums Liverpool has got together with Kids in Museums for the debate which starts at 6pm on Tuesday 9th September at Merseyside Maritime Museum. Tickets are free but you need to book in advance. (If you can't make it then you can still email in your ideas via the website - the best ones will get read out at the debate).

The event will be chaired by broadcaster John Waite, and has a distinguished panel including teen fiction author Bali Rai, Nick Poole chief executive of the Collections Trust, National Museums Liverpool's director of urban history Janet Dugdale and historian Andrew Wheatcroft.

Now excuse me while I go a think up a museum entirely made of chilli peppers and staffed by an army of rock gods – hot, hot, hot!