Autumn in the Museum

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Image of both sides of a copper token. 1796 copper token, accession no. 1968.219.160 Here's a post from Ben Jones, our Numismatics Documentation Assistant: "To Keats it was a 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness', but for us so far it has been a season of uncommon warmth followed by freak hailstorms! With the the various harvest festivals fast approaching here is an image of agricultural bounty to celebrate the spirit of Autumn. This is an eighteenth century trade token; these coin-like objects, almost always of copper, were circulated locally to plug the gaps in small denominations not available in large amounts from the Royal Mint. Their designs usually reflected the economy of the area or the business of the issuer, and as this example is from Herefordshire the bull could very well be of that particular meat breed."