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Painting of Liverpool

The Liverpool Cityscape by Ben Johnson

Even amidst a giant spider prowling the streets and a herd of superlambananas dotted across the city, Ben Johnson’s The Liverpool Cityscape stood out as a highlight of 2008.

Ben finished the vast painting in front of a live audience at the Walker Art Gallery early in the year. Thousands of visitors observed their city arriving on the canvas layer by layer through the intricate process the artist employed.

Once the painting was finished it took pride of place in the exhibition Ben Johnson’s Liverpool Cityscape 2008 and the World Panorama Series where it was joined by panoramas of Zürich, Jerusalem and Hong Kong and paintings representing Chicago and Paris.

Many of those who flocked to see the painting under completion and the stunning exhibition that followed have enjoyed taking part in the free events celebrating the astonishing work over the last few weeks. But don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance yet, the season of free events for all the family continues over the next couple of months. See the website for more details.

One of the events, We love Liverpool, is an opportunity for visitors to reminisce and share their memories of the city. If you can’t make it to the gallery but have got something you want share, please feel free to add it on the blog.

The events have been coordinated in partnership with the University of Liverpool.