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Your starter for ten. What do artists Tracey Emin, Gary Hume and Fiona Banner all have in common?

For those of you who read the papers this weekend you’ll know that they all designed official posters for London’s 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

But they also have links with the Walker Art Gallery’s John Moores Painting Prize. Here’s your bonus question -  how are these artists linked to the prize?

If you know your John Moores Painting Prize history you’ll know that in 2006 Tracey Emin sat on the jury, as did Gary Hume in 2010, and Fiona Banner will sit on the jury panel to judge the winner of John Moores 2012.

How did you get on, did you know the answers?

The John Moores Painting Prize and the Olympic posters also have something else in common. The posters will be showcased across the UK to celebrate artistic excellence in the UK. Similarly the founding principles of the John Moores Painting Prize are to support artists and to bring to Liverpool the best of contemporary painting practice from across the UK.

As you can see the John Moores Painting Prize has links with many artists who have been either on the jury or have won the competition. It has a long and illustrious history so if you want to be part of the prize and submit you work, or just want to read more follow the link and find out more.

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