Beguiling, bold, brilliant bats!

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Laura and some of the young bats in her care Laura and some of the young bats in her care World Museum participates International Bat Night at the end of August with a series of Bat-themed events that celebrate our furry flying friends. Join Education Demonstrator Laura Carter in the Bug House on Friday 26 August for Brilliant Bats where she will debunk any myths about these misunderstood creatures. Ask questions, test your knowledge and join in for a spot of storytelling, from 1-3pm. On Saturday and Sunday 27, 28 August, have a go at some Bat-tastic crafts in the Clore Natural History Centre from 1-4pm. Make a bat finger puppet, a bat mask or an origami pet bat to take home. Why not come along in bat fancy dress? Maybe you have a Batman outfit or a Halloween costume? If not, use a black bin liner cut to size and stapled for a quick children’s costume? Our Bug House keeper Laura is also a volunteer for the Bat Conservation Trust, and looks after injured bats in her spare time at home, as well as providing advice to home owners who have roosts. “I first became interested in bats when I went to a talk by our local bat group. I have always loved animals but the bat group’s enthusiasm rubbed off and I decided to join. There was a shortage of people helping injured bats and I wanted to help as a way of learning more about these fascinating and misunderstood animals. With the help of the bat group I trained as a roost visitor and rehabilitator. Four years later, I am lucky to be part of a much bigger team of carers and helping to train others. At the moment I have seven bats at home, living in our spare room. There are five young Pipistrelle bats - Eve, Daenerys, Jimmy, Charlie and Bruce the Third - being fostered and waiting for eventual release at Knowsley Safari Park. These are the lost pups we haven't been able to get back to their roosts, or whose mums couldn't be found. Tiny Eve compared to a 50p piece Tiny Eve compared to a 50p piece Maleficent came in to us after being caught by a cat, with a torn wing and broken fingers. She is healing well and starting to fly, and just needs a bit of practice. We also have David the Daubenton's from King David's school in Childwall who is apparently unhurt but doesn't seem to want to fly. We've never had a Daubenton's in care before, so members of Merseyside and West Lancashire Bat Group have been visiting for a closer look – very exciting! We are building a bat flight in the garden so that all the bats have plenty of space to practice flying and catching insects outside before they are released."