Behind the scenes at the museum

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Emily Daly was the winner of an exciting competition that was set up between World Museum and the Tutankhamun Manchester website.  

Emily came behind the scenes at the museum and got to see a whole range of objects including some pieces that had recently been borrowed by the Louvre Museum in Paris for a special exhibition. Here she is to tells us more about her experience: 

Egyptian artefact

Emily saw this green glazed figure of the lion god Apedemek, wearing a crown and holding on to a crescent moon.

I was one of almost 200 people to answer correctly that Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in a competition on the Tutankhamun Manchester website. The prize was to go behind the scenes  at  World Museum and experience their Egyptology collection first hand, a meal and an ancient Egypt themed goodie bag.

When I arrived, I met Ashley Cooke, Head of Antiquities and the curator of Egyptian Antiquities.  He showed me a lot of the museum's collection not on public display. I got to hold a statue of Isis and Ra as well as a cartonnage that would of been placed on top of a mummy. I also held a scarab, jewellery and a vase that would of contained beer and learned that although the ancient Egyptians loved their cats, they killed a lot of them!

I entered the competition because I love ancient Egypt, it is my passion. I love visiting the World  Museum and go there nearly every Saturday. I am very thankful that I had this once in a lifetime opportunity!