Ben's back!

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Man being filmed painting a large picture

One of the many media visits to Ben's 2008 residency.

Even if you didn't make it to the gallery to see it in the flesh, chances are you remember Ben Johnson completing his Liverpool Cityscape painting in front of a live gallery audience at The Walker. The three month residency was regularly in the local papers and on TV, as this photo of Ben being filmed by BBC North West Tonight demonstrates.

It was a wonderful time for the Gallery, with thousands of fascinated artlovers packing in to watch Ben paint and ask him questions about his work. It was obviously pretty special for Ben as well as he's coming back to talk about the experience he describes as 'a dream come true'.

At 12 noon on Tuesday 19 April he'll be in front of the painting in room 15 at The Walker to talk about the experience of working on the piece in public. He will also talk about the public response to the painting when it was loaned to the National Gallery in London, and the differing experiences of creating the London and Liverpool paintings.

Immediately after, at approximately 1pm, there will be a book signing where Ben will be signing copies of the book, Cityscape – Ben Johnson’s Liverpool.

Like the original residency and exhibition, this talk is sure to be popular. You'll need to collect a free ticket from the information desk at The Walker, or call 0151 478 4788 to reserve a seat.