Black Heroes comic book workshop

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comic book illustrations of heroes of Black history This guest post is from Leah Moore, who will be encouraging International Slavery Museum visitors to get creative this half term in a special comics workshop on Wednesday 29 October: "When the International Slavery Museum asked us to do a comics workshop on Black heroes, and get people making their own comics, we jumped at the chance. People associate comics with superheroes, but the medium is used just as often to tell real stories about real people. From biographies of heroic historical figures like Senator John Lewis’ ‘March’, to Joe Sacco’s journalistic accounts in ‘Palestine’, to touching stories of heroes from everyday life like Meet The Somalis , comics are the perfect way to tell any story. Myself and my husband John Reppion have been writing comics for eleven years now, and I have spent a lifetime reading them, so you’d think we’d be bored by now, but in fact I love them more than ever. I have found that comics are capable of telling stories that no other medium could, that the little boxes with people drawn in them take you right into the action, they make you empathise with the characters right from the start, but its only ever ink and paper, it’s not real. When it gets upsetting, you don’t have to look away. If you can, come along to the workshop on Wednesday 29 October, 1-4pm.  Bring the kids and we’ll give you an introduction to comics, with a particular focus on Black heroes and Black history. We’ll also get you to make some of your own, even if you’ve never written or drawn or even read one before. We can’t wait to hear the stories people want to tell, and we can’t wait to help them get them down on paper. We’ll supply the pens, paper and expertise, all anybody has to bring is their ideas and their enthusiasm."