Black History Month and family events

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Yazz Vanducci, author of this blog - is an Education Demonstrator at the Museum. Here's Yazz laying out items for a family session about the Museum and the history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade! This week's blog is by Yazz Vanducci, Education Demonstrator at the Museum. It highlights our events for Black History Month, as well as updating you on what's happening for families! - "What a busy time it's been for the team at the International Slavery Museum! Firstly, we celebrated Slavery Remembrance Day (our 18th one) on 23 August and now we are in Black History Month. Before I mention what's going on for Black History Month, I would like to tell you some the new and exciting projects our team have been working on. These include new family sessions exploring African myths and legends where we look at the many different stories from all over Africa and then create some of the characters from the stories. You can also come to our gallery and learn about the Underground Railroad and some of the heroic journeys that people undertook as well as the people themselves like Harriet Tubman and William and Ellen Craft. We also have an amazing new learning game that was designed by Belvedere History Club with the International Slavery Museum and artist Hwa Young Jung which you can try out - I even had a hand in designing some of the images for it! Now for the musically minded,  why not drop into our Mbaye African Drumming session this Sunday, 8 October, with amazing urban griot  Karin Mbaye. I will be holding the door of the Anthony Walker Education Centre open to welcome you and may be joining in drumming with Karim too. The excitement doesn't stop there either, as later on that day you can also join Karim for Stories from Senegal, an interactive story telling session for families. Some of the items we might show you in our family sessions, depending which one you choose to join! We also have Nina Simone in focus, yet another free drop in event the Anthony Walker Education Centre on 14 October, 1-2pm. So why not come and join poetess Empress-Jai for her presentation celebrating the life of Nina Simone. Finally, you can join us for an amazing tour of our new exhibition, Ink and blood: Stories of abolition with our visitor hosts Danny and John to explore the ending of slavery through ink (key documents) and blood (people involved). We can't forget that the International Slavery Museum is now 10 years old and we have lots more exciting things coming up for you to and me to do during our 10th anniversary programme so drop by the museum to see us and get involved."