Blog it! Vote for the Museum of Liverpool!

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Image of Paul Martin Paul Martin from Flog it! thinks you should vote for the Museum of Liverpool. Image courtesy of BBC With the deadline fast approaching to vote for the Museum of Liverpool for a National Lottery Award, we’ve had another famous face tell us just how much they love the Museum. Paul Martin from 'Flog it!' has visited Liverpool several times with the show, and we’ve welcomed him and the team to the Museum of Liverpool twice. 'Flog it!' were lucky enough to get inside the Museum when it was still under construction, so Paul has seen it grow from the beginning.  Here’s why he thinks you should vote:
“The 'Flog it!' team has visited the Museum of Liverpool several times. Going back to 2010 when it was a steel construction we’ve seen it grow into a magnificent architectural gem on the city’s waterfront, and I personally am very impressed. “The Liverpool Overhead Railway - which we covered in one programme - is an incredible object, which is displayed perfectly at its original working height. It’s a great example of Liverpool’s past delighting present-day visitors to the city, as it tells the story of the docks which are intrinsic to Liverpool’s history as a great port. It’s the tip of the iceberg in terms of items on display, but for sharing this object with us alone I would urge people to vote for the Museum of Liverpool!”
Thanks Paul! If you agree, please vote here!  Voting closes at midnight on Wednesday 23 July.