Bloomin' Marvellous! We're at the flower show

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As I look out of the window at the torrential rain, I can't help thinking that the organisers of Southport Flower Show may have had a premonition. Apparently this year's theme is water - and if this weather continues throughout the weekend, then water there certainly shall be!

Perhaps they were tipped off by celebrity astrologer Russell Grant, who officially launches the flower show's 'ladies day' tomorrow.  

Southport Flower Show

Southport Flower Show has picked a water theme for 2006

Luckily there are masses of marquees and undercover areas as well as the show gardens, so there's no chance of it being a washout. 

National Museums Liverpool's smiley marketing officers will be bringing their own particular brand of sunshine to the event, by giving out information on all of our current happenings. 

Budding horticulturists (sorry - bad joke) can find out more about World Museum Liverpool's botanical collections on our website.