From boats to wheelbarrows

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The overhead railways carriage in Museum of Liverpool

Our work placement student Jacob Cook tells us why the transport collection at NML is so important:

Yesterday I was given the rare opportunity to visit the museum store and I got to see just how many valuable artefacts the museums in Liverpool have in their collections. It’s a shame they don’t have the space to display them all.

We were told that not many people are allowed into the storage facility so I instantly felt privileged. Even though some of the things I saw (century old vehicles) weren’t exactly exciting, they told their own story about my home city and gave an insight into how my family would have lived only a few generations before me.

From fire trucks to taxis, boats to wheelbarrows, it was like seeing the natural progression of travel all in the same place.

There is no denying that this stuff matters. People work hard to preserve these objects so that future generations can learn about their past (not just from a book). I think that this is the ultimate example of pride to be from Liverpool.