Bog houses, stink traps and Dr Pridgin Teale's 'Pictorial Guide to Domestic Sanitary Defects'

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Our latest downloadable mp3 is Robin Emmerson's gallery talk on Fritz Spiegl's 'Loophonium' (mp3/transcript/links). The 'Loophonium' (sometimes known as the 'Harpic-cord') is the Walker Art Gallery object of the month and is a cross between a euphonium and a toilet.

The twenty minute talk covers descending valves, ophicleides, transverse spring slides, the metamorphosis of ajax, bog houses, stink traps, Banner's Patent Drain Trap, Alexander Cummings, Dr Pridgin Teale's 'Pictorial Guide to Domestic Sanitary Defects', the washdown closet, a concerto for two tuning forks, Ibert's 'March for a Dead Parrot', Z Cars, Handel's 'Water Music' and the Loophonium itself.

Robin (Head of Decorative Arts at National Museums Liverpool) will be delivering the talk again at the Walker Art Gallery on Thursday 24 August 2006.