'BORED?' workshops day two - inventor discovered!

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On Friday museum demonstrator Claire Noble told us about the first day of the 'BORED?' games workshop that she ran at Aigburth Family Centre with Alex Shears. Here's her update from the second and final day, with some exciting news about an inventor in the making (remember, you heard it here first!).

Have a look at our Flickr slideshow of photos from the 'BORED?' workshop for more pictures.

"We have discovered the youngest board game inventor right here in Aigburth!! Our second day at Aigburth Family Centre began with our youngest member Yorgie proudly showing off his newest board game invention ‘Car Chase’.  With diagrams and written instructions (very nicely printed by his Mum), Alex and I couldn’t help but think that our Thursday’s sessions of games galore helped him on his path to board game stardom! But now back to normality…

We started Friday’s session with a series of fun and energetic games and (much to our delight) some of the young people began to offer to teach some of their favourite games to the rest of the group! The focus of the session soon changed to the instructional DVD, to be made that afternoon. Ideas were flowing and by lunch time the kids had not only chosen their favourite game to teach on the DVD, but had made their own poster for it too! 

After lunch our film maker Mally quickly set up and the young people began to teach and play their games to the camera. A bit of camera shyness soon disappeared and Mally caught some great footage. We wanted to finish the session with a fun group game and what better way to finish a game themed workshop, but with the best party game in the world, Pass the Parcel! 

With their mouths still full with sweets, we explained that invites would be in the post for them to see their DVD on the big Treasure House Theatre screen at World Museum Liverpool on 10 November. The National Museums Liverpool Youth Theatre would also be invited to the festivities, finishing with plenty of party food, drink and perhaps a few party games in between."

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"Here I am (on the right) with the giant snakes and ladders game that we made"