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Here's a bit of trivia to impress your whisky drinking chums with when you're celebrating Burns night. If you ask most people for 3 facts about Robert Burns, they would probably tell you that he was Scottish, he was a poet and he has a night held in his honour every year to celebrate his birthday. But did you know that he worked as an Excise Officer?

In 1789 Burns was appointed Excise Officer in Dumfries. His job was to gauge the vessels used by brewers and other traders in the manufacture of liquors on which Excise duty was charged and to charge the duty on the liquors when manufactured. A very conscientious officer, Burns was selected for promotion to supervisor, the official in charge of an excise district, but unfortunately died before he could take up his post.

His way with words didn't appear to rub off on those around him, as his confidential character assessment from 1792 simply states "The Poet. Does pretty well".

Once lockdown is over, if you'd like to know more about Scotland's national bard you could visit the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in the village of Alloway in Scotland. Or to find out how modern day customs officers are still 'doing pretty well' at protecting our ports and airports, you could pay a visit to the Seized! the Border and Customs uncovered gallery at Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Image: Print of Robert Burns from the Border Force National Museum collection, accession number CENM1996.928